Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Juggernaught or the Silly Boys, You Decide. I can't

Obama Decided to take a new track in his attempt to bring home the Democratic Presidential bid. He began hitting her on the issue of Social Security. He claimed that she doesn't have a detailed definition of what she would do to save social security. I believe the quote went something like "The American people deserve a presidential candidate that would be honest and detailed about what they plan to do about social security". Very daring. It has the chance of hitting a real blow to her but also hurts his chances of getting a VP nod or even a cabinet post.

In all fairness she has little detail as to what she would do but has put together a list of actions she would preform to build a detailed plan. Very shrewd. all the promise with out any of the consequences of a real plan. My favorite part of this story is her response. She put out an add attacking President Bush on his record regarding social security. WOW! That was political astuteness at it's greatest. It attacks the thing her base hates the most, keeps her hands clean from hurting Dems, she is going to desperately need Obama's supporters to win the race and subtly emasculates Obama.


So what did our astute Republican candidates do recently. Well Mitt shows up to get on the New Hampshire ballot and claims that Fred Thompson is a Johnny come lately to the illegal immigration issue. He claims that Fred was in the Senate for several years and did nothing about illegal immigration. So When Fred show up to get on the New Hampshire ballot and is confronted with what Mitt said, he responds that Mitt is a flip flopper on the issue of illegal immigration. Supposedly Mitt was for the recently failed immigration bill and when it got ugly changed his position.

Talk about silly boys. At least they are being honest. A little childish but honestly immature. I don't feel anything Clinton does is honest. However, Fred Thomson seems to have accomplished very little as a senator and I'm not clear as to why he retired. I would like to know that. Mitt on the other hand seems to say whatever he thinks people want to hear. I don't agree with Rudy on a lot of issues but I like him better because he seems to honestly believe it and I feel he is genuine. Of course Ron Paul and Chris Dodd are probably the most honest, but being honestly crazy is not a good thing.

So who do I want for President. The very shrewd politically Juggernaut, the person who did nothing for years in the senate or the flip flopper. Maybe the guy that sees UFOs, Dennis Kucinich:

Friday, October 26, 2007

Government Subsidies Gone Right

Something I found quite funny.


The Danish government is under attack for paying for its disabled citizens to have sex with prostitutes.

Finally A government mandated Health care system I could "Get Behind"!!!


Boxer, Dodd and what is wrong with Politics these days.

Recently Barbara Boxer claimed that the equipment and people needed to fight the fires raging in California are not adequate because they are all in Iraq.

Senator Dodd said:
"In a Dodd administration never again will our houses be on fire because our troops are taking fire in Iraq. Never again will our first responders be left without the support they need because our president failed to do what it took to keep our community safe."

Anyone who is actually paying real attention to the issue and not trying to figure a way to win political points would see that the Gov't is doing it's best to deal with this issue and doing a good job. Before we really even understand how devastating this issue is we found ourselves surrounded by people who will say any horrible thing to ingratiate themselves for political gain and power. One of things most upsetting about this kind of hate speech is the pandering to the worst part of the human nature. The hate and evil accusations that do nothing but tear at the fabric of our society and demean us as a people. Their is nothing good for our society that can come from this kind of hate speech. It only separates us farther into factions. Soon we will be like the Sia and Sunni in Iraq. Killing and plotting each others deaths with no idea how it got this awful. Each blaming the other with out taking the responsibility or our action.

Here is the good news people. We can stop the hate speech. We can end the societal destruction that our political leadership is wreaking on us in order to promote their own political and power hungry ambitions. How can you do this. It's simple.

Stop listening to it. Recognize it for what it is and reject it. Stop giving your time, your attention and your money to anyone that promotes hate, anger or division. Anyone who demonizes another for their own political and power hungry purposes is no friend of yours, society, our country nor the world. Turn a deaf ear to people who promote hate.