Monday, May 12, 2008

Energy plan

Hillary got beat up pretty bad by Obama over her pandering use of the Gas Tax Moratorium. It was silly because it had no chance of passing, and the leglslation to make sure the cost would be paid for had no chance of passing either. So it was obviously an act of pandering, however I did find one argument distressing. It's not a long term solution to the problem. Well no shit Sherlock!!!

She never said it was. In fact all the candidates claim to have a long term plan to our energy woes and we are heavy on the woe side with it only getting more woey every day!.

so what should be done. EVERYTHING!!! The great thing about Hillary and the Obama plan is it focuses on the decreasing demand. And we very much need to be doing everything we can to reduce the demand, especially on foreign oil,, i.e. making women abusing, christian killing Muslim crazies even richer then they already are. However it is extremely weak on the supply side. The nice thing about John McCains is it tries to improve the supply side. This is also very important. And this is the problem with politics. People pick a side and think their is no value on the other side. We are not going to solve this problem if we do not attack the issue from the supply and demand side. Recently I heard an argument that we shouldn't drill for oil in anwar because it is 10 years away from producing oil. Really!!! Well if we had started drilling there when we wanted to then it would be already be producing oil and helping us out. So get started, every time we sit around and wring our hands and cry in out lattes about what horrible thing might happen, we delay solving this problem. and it needs to be solved, bad!!!!

Here is why, all war and conflict between groups of people are about control of a resource needed for that society. We can say Iraq is not about oil but the truth is we wanted give a flying crap about that area if they didn't have oil. They would just be another Darfur or Kenya. However as India, China and to a certain extent Russia continue to grow their economic abilities, they also grow their middle class. What does the middle class like, warm houses, lots of meat and cars to get to work in. All that requires more and more energy. If we don't solve this problem, we are headed to war with these countries.

Here is what we need. We need meaningful alternatives to oil consumption. Nuclear energy, wind energy, Solar energy, Green bio fuels, A meaningful hybrid car, more drilling off the coast and in Anwar, more refineries, better stock choices for bio-fuels (No more corn based ethanol), and controls on commodities traders that drive up the cost of commodities.

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from The Daily Gut
I love my fast food as much as I hate big government. And now a slow-growth economy with rising food prices is causing idiot lawmakers to consider creating "sin taxes" on fast food. Color me engorged and enraged. The thought of taxing my taco came up at a New Jersey hospital meeting - it wasGov. Jon S. Corzine who brought it up. At the meeting, he called it a "constructive suggestion." Never trust a man named Jon without an "h." This idea blows. The fact is, people who eat fast food aren`t rich. So tax a burger, you tax the poor. Worse is the underlying sense of self-righteousness - that because you shouldn`t be eating this crud anyway, these dipwads are going to punish you for it. look, It`s not up to anyone but my mom to tell me what`s bad to eat - even if it's my own body hair. That's my right. Instead they should tax tofu and granola -if only because vegetarians are Nazis. See Hitler. So what`s the answer to our rising food costs? It ain't drilling my wallet. It`s drilling, period. Bush is right - Congress has failed to pass bills that expand oil exploration and create refineries that would boost crude oil production. That would cut prices across the board. And instead of embracing nuclear energy - we`re stupidly focusing on idiotic corn-driven biofuels, ethanol - which takes real food out of real mouths. It's so stupid, it makes me want to kill. Instead however, I`m going to McDonalds and have a quarter pounder special. Do you know what that is? It's when I take the burger and put it in a blender. And then I inject it straight into my armpit. It`s better than sex, people. And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Moby.