Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jon Voight gets Nasty

I was surprised by the verocity of this op ed piece by Jon Voight.

200,000 or 20,000 who is counting!!!!

The Daily Gut

As it turns out the 200,000 people attending Barack Obama's speech, as reported by his staff, in front of Berlin's Siegessäule was off, give-or-take, by about a 180,000 people.
According to people who can count and not people who believe in change that is.
I contend that this slight over-estimate is not important in the least! We are only talking about an extra zero added to the end of some number. While I have been out of college for a while, last I checked a zero equals nothing.
If you do not believe in change, then you are a zero who lives in a past mired in accuracy.
Correct mathematics has been a bane to anyone who counts themselves on the side of change. Was it so long ago that correctly counting votes in Florida cost Al Gore the 2000 election? How can we be progressive if we as a society can not let go of this tainted legacy and step boldly forward into a better tomorrow?
The answer is we can not, because people are focusing too much on facts instead of what is important: change. Barack Obama exemplifies that. Yet change does not come without ourselves changing. We have to change our critical ways, because crtiticizing Barack Obama is voting against change.
That is wrong and unpatriotic.
And if you disagree with me, you sir are worse than my music teacher in elementary school.

Berlin review

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I read several blogs from AA people and I think they are beautiful. They write down everyday what they are thankful for. I feel inspired, I don't know if I will do this every day but I think it's a good thing to be appreciative for what God, the universe or your higher power has given you.

I appreciate hanging out with Susan on Sunday
Seeing my brother Sunday at church and Getting to go to my nieces birthday party.
I appreciate my house and the ability to maintain it.
I appreciate that no one from the OKC branch was affected by the recent layoffs in my company
I appreciate how long I've got to keep my dog despite his poor health.
I appreciate the opportunity to speak on Ritual at the Agile 2008 conference in Toronto
Talking to Laken on the phone and keeping up with that relationship.
I appreciate the people who help me like Lloyd, Donna and Lisa.
I appreciate reconnecting with Bree, I've missed her.
I appreciate lunch with friends from work.

I appreciate my life and all that it means.

Recently I was reading about how one solution to the issue of probability with in quantum physics is the multi verse theory :
This is where each possible outcome of a quantum event could create two or more separate universes. This had me think about what it would mean if there is version of me for every possible decision I made in life. Someone who didn't go to college, who dated and married several of the girls that I let go, someone who majored in psychology and not computers or was a lawyer. Someone who joined the army instead. What if there a millions and millions of me experiencing all the possibilities of what life has to offer. Then what happens if when I die, I go to heaven and it is an integration of those people who experienced every one of those different events. Who would I be in heaven if I had lived and experienced every possible outcome and decision of my life. Interesting to me! It is also makes judgement of my life interesting. Some many of our decisions are dictated by our past but what if there were millions of me who had experienced both positive and negative decisions by others that influenced me. What kind of excuse would I have, none, I would know what would have happened if all those negative influences were not there.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jesse Jackson and Freudian slips

Recently Jesse Jackson claimed that he wanted to cut off Obama's nut's because he was talking down to black people. This appears to be a reference to Obama telling a black church that Black's need to start taking personal ownership of their lives.

I find that the claim to castrate Obama is exactly what Jesse has been doing to black people for 40 years. I feel that the civil rights movement has moved away from helping black people and works to keep them as victims that only the Gov't can help. That is castrating, or making impotent the individuals who are in the black community. Can the Gov't do things that help, probably but it will never truly create the society that blacks are capable of and deserve. Only black people can do that, People who continue to create victims and a victim culture for political power and financial gain are an anathema to all that they hoped to accomplish initially.

Why Jesse hates Obama

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Liars to the left of me.

I love Sunday morning. I like to get up and fix myself a nice sized breakfast and watch all those political talk shows. There isn't a one that I wouldn't watch if I had the time. Except for the Chris Matthews show, that has become so liberally slanted I think my eye balls are going to start bleeding. My favorite part is where the political Analyst get together and have an honest debate about what is going. The one thing I do hate is when someone comes on and begins repeating the talking points of one of the parties. I hate that, I turn it on for original thought and to hear things and perspectives I have not heard before. Or to hear my thoughts and feelings around issues expressed and have the other side respond to those to see if they stand up to scrutiny. However, the last couple of weeks, I think I'm going to stop watching.

If I hear one more time how all the Right wants to do is drill, drill and more drilling, I'm going to .... Well nothing really but I wish I could do something, violent in nature!!!

Yes the right wants to drill but they have said over and over.... We need nuclear power which they have been pushing for 30 years, we need wind, solar, hydrogen, electric cars, clean coal and Bio fuels. They have blocked higher standards in automobiles and in retrospective this was a bad move. But George Bush has given over 1 billion dollars in tax credits to bio-fuels and has invested millions in green research. Do we need more? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! So come back from your summer break and pass a bill that would give millions more to this research. When the left says all the right wants to do is drill, drill and more drilling, they are lying. Now it seems silly to be upset about politicians lying to score political points. But this situation is different from the standard worthless craps politicians fight over. What is happening to us because of our energy policy is, IMHO, the most dangerous thing this country has faced since WWII. And what we need is leadership from our leaders and honesty and a willingness to do what it takes to begin correcting this situation as soon as possible, not a bunch of f-ing lies on Sunday morning talk shows.

One more lie they spread is that opening up areas like shale in Colorado and our coast to drilling would not effect the price of oil for at least 5 years. First, if you weigh 400 pounds and it will take several years to get down to a healthy weight, do you blow it off because it will take a long time or do you get started as soon as possible. However the reason it is lie is because of the cost oil is a factor of where supply and demand is trending, not just where supply and demand is currently. So while it could be several years ( I think it would earlier if oil companies could see significant profit by doing it) before it would effect the current supply and demand equation, the potential of another 2 to 3 billions barrels a day added to supply would effect the current speculation market that accounts for up to 40% of the price of a barrel. So simply passing the legislation will effect the predicted supply and demand equation. Thus immediately effecting the price of oil and therefore the price of Gas. Please Congress get off your soap box and do the right thing for the American people. When low income families have to chose between going to work and putting food on their tables, lying to score political points is... well criminal at best!

If your planning to Vote for Obama

If you are planning to Vote for Obama I have two things I want you to consider.

First is a little story. For the last couple of weeks it's been wheat harvest time here in Oklahoma. A very exciting time for the state, record rains, record crops and record prices has many farmers very excited. However a friend of mine(Susan) went up to Enid Ok to help her 74 year old father bring in his 400 acres. The Grandfather Worked very hard but eventually developed a lot of pain in his knee which swelled to the size of a grapefruit. So Susan called his doctor but the Doctor couldn't see him for at leat 30 days and he should go to the emergency room if he needed immediate care. so he passed on medical care for his swollen knee and kept working to bring in the harvest. You hear about this kind of thing in Russia, Canada or Britian with their poorly managed Gov't health care but never have I heard of this in America. When I asked how this could be she explained how he is on Medicare or Medicaid and that is very normal thing with this system. WOW, welcome to Obama's vision for America!!!

Finally, how much do you like Gov't interference in your life. Like what kind of clothes you were or what kind of food you like. If you think that Gov't interference in your life would make it more sucky then I suggest you check out how our good friends in the Democratic party are handling thier convention. All kinds of rules and controls around the food allowed to eat, and what kind of coth is used in give away bags and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on.... Ask yourself, is that what you want for America and your life!!!

As the Democrats prepare for their National Convention in Denver, what do you think concerns them most? Party unity after a fractious primary season? Articulating Obama`s plan for fighting terror? Or, maybe dealing with the oil crisis without relying on windmills? No. No and no. Their big worries are fried foods, organic cotton and biodegradable utensils. In that order.

That`s right – instead of coming up with a blueprint for all this change we keep hearing about, they`re worried about whether the 15,000 fanny packs belonging to convention volunteers are made of organic cotton.

And herein likes the joys of being politically correct. Instead of focusing on improving the country, you become obsessed with improving your image. I mean – forget Iran. What about those goat-cheese won tons served to the delegates? Are they organic? Union made? Grown locally? And that caramel sauce better not have been trucked in from Canada. Think of the emissions! And I certainly hope that duck sauce came from a free range duck.

In the desire to create the greenest political convention ever, the Democrats expose the party`s two main weaknesses – no sense of proportion, and no order of priorities. The fact is, the number one concern in America is not tofu – it`s terror. It`s not compost, it`s caliphates. It`s not sauce, it`s security. For the Democrats, this green obsession is the new patriotism – because – unlike old patriotism you don`t need to love your country – you just need to hate anyone who lacks a Prius. It`s easy and it feels good – like a sensual massage. But without the happy ending.

And if you disagree with me, may your first born have a tail.

Obama, Apparently Change we can believe in is to change into McCain

Following this presidential campaign is like watching a friend of yours dump a psychotic, potentially homicidal girlfriend. In this case Obama is the friend, and the crazy soon-to-be ex is the left. In the beginning, Obama could indulge the crazies over at the Huffington Post and Move, simply because, back then, the rest of America didn`t know who he was. He could be every bit as loopy as they are because the saner folk were too busy working real jobs. But now that he has the nomination, he can drop the Wesley Clark`s of the world like a chlamydia-infested potato. Suddenly among the normal, Obama can no longer hold onto those nutty beliefs - which means, he must turn right. I predicted this months ago the Democrats know you can`t run left because you`ll lose which is funny, when you think about it. The only way your party can win, is to abandon your party`s beliefs. See for yourself: Obama has flipped on the death penalty and thinks guns are peachy. He's accepted the foreign surveillance act and he's no longer entertaining high tea with Ahmadinejad. Now he`s up for expanding President Bush's faith-based programs, and blasted for calling General Petraeus a traitor. His crazy ex-girlfriend must be cutting up his underwear. But it`s not over yet. You wait until Obama returns from Iraq speaking of the brave troops, how violence has decreased and that the surge is working and how, in effect, we are winning the war. At this point he will embrace the phrase his lefty brethren mocked so well, which is "stay the course," and ultimately acknowledge that the whole thing might have been worth it after all. Once he abandons his idiotic stance on capital gains, the makeover will be complete. So sit back and enjoy it, as the unbalanced ex-girlfriend roils in her basement apartment, blogging about her heartbreak to her loathsome friends, as the rest of us realize that Obama isn`t running against McCain, he`s turning into him. And if you disagree with me, then you`re worse than Eric Alterman.