Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Liars to the left of me.

I love Sunday morning. I like to get up and fix myself a nice sized breakfast and watch all those political talk shows. There isn't a one that I wouldn't watch if I had the time. Except for the Chris Matthews show, that has become so liberally slanted I think my eye balls are going to start bleeding. My favorite part is where the political Analyst get together and have an honest debate about what is going. The one thing I do hate is when someone comes on and begins repeating the talking points of one of the parties. I hate that, I turn it on for original thought and to hear things and perspectives I have not heard before. Or to hear my thoughts and feelings around issues expressed and have the other side respond to those to see if they stand up to scrutiny. However, the last couple of weeks, I think I'm going to stop watching.

If I hear one more time how all the Right wants to do is drill, drill and more drilling, I'm going to .... Well nothing really but I wish I could do something, violent in nature!!!

Yes the right wants to drill but they have said over and over.... We need nuclear power which they have been pushing for 30 years, we need wind, solar, hydrogen, electric cars, clean coal and Bio fuels. They have blocked higher standards in automobiles and in retrospective this was a bad move. But George Bush has given over 1 billion dollars in tax credits to bio-fuels and has invested millions in green research. Do we need more? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! So come back from your summer break and pass a bill that would give millions more to this research. When the left says all the right wants to do is drill, drill and more drilling, they are lying. Now it seems silly to be upset about politicians lying to score political points. But this situation is different from the standard worthless craps politicians fight over. What is happening to us because of our energy policy is, IMHO, the most dangerous thing this country has faced since WWII. And what we need is leadership from our leaders and honesty and a willingness to do what it takes to begin correcting this situation as soon as possible, not a bunch of f-ing lies on Sunday morning talk shows.

One more lie they spread is that opening up areas like shale in Colorado and our coast to drilling would not effect the price of oil for at least 5 years. First, if you weigh 400 pounds and it will take several years to get down to a healthy weight, do you blow it off because it will take a long time or do you get started as soon as possible. However the reason it is lie is because of the cost oil is a factor of where supply and demand is trending, not just where supply and demand is currently. So while it could be several years ( I think it would earlier if oil companies could see significant profit by doing it) before it would effect the current supply and demand equation, the potential of another 2 to 3 billions barrels a day added to supply would effect the current speculation market that accounts for up to 40% of the price of a barrel. So simply passing the legislation will effect the predicted supply and demand equation. Thus immediately effecting the price of oil and therefore the price of Gas. Please Congress get off your soap box and do the right thing for the American people. When low income families have to chose between going to work and putting food on their tables, lying to score political points is... well criminal at best!

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