Wednesday, July 30, 2008

200,000 or 20,000 who is counting!!!!

The Daily Gut

As it turns out the 200,000 people attending Barack Obama's speech, as reported by his staff, in front of Berlin's Siegessäule was off, give-or-take, by about a 180,000 people.
According to people who can count and not people who believe in change that is.
I contend that this slight over-estimate is not important in the least! We are only talking about an extra zero added to the end of some number. While I have been out of college for a while, last I checked a zero equals nothing.
If you do not believe in change, then you are a zero who lives in a past mired in accuracy.
Correct mathematics has been a bane to anyone who counts themselves on the side of change. Was it so long ago that correctly counting votes in Florida cost Al Gore the 2000 election? How can we be progressive if we as a society can not let go of this tainted legacy and step boldly forward into a better tomorrow?
The answer is we can not, because people are focusing too much on facts instead of what is important: change. Barack Obama exemplifies that. Yet change does not come without ourselves changing. We have to change our critical ways, because crtiticizing Barack Obama is voting against change.
That is wrong and unpatriotic.
And if you disagree with me, you sir are worse than my music teacher in elementary school.

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