Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I read several blogs from AA people and I think they are beautiful. They write down everyday what they are thankful for. I feel inspired, I don't know if I will do this every day but I think it's a good thing to be appreciative for what God, the universe or your higher power has given you.

I appreciate hanging out with Susan on Sunday
Seeing my brother Sunday at church and Getting to go to my nieces birthday party.
I appreciate my house and the ability to maintain it.
I appreciate that no one from the OKC branch was affected by the recent layoffs in my company
I appreciate how long I've got to keep my dog despite his poor health.
I appreciate the opportunity to speak on Ritual at the Agile 2008 conference in Toronto
Talking to Laken on the phone and keeping up with that relationship.
I appreciate the people who help me like Lloyd, Donna and Lisa.
I appreciate reconnecting with Bree, I've missed her.
I appreciate lunch with friends from work.

I appreciate my life and all that it means.

Recently I was reading about how one solution to the issue of probability with in quantum physics is the multi verse theory :
This is where each possible outcome of a quantum event could create two or more separate universes. This had me think about what it would mean if there is version of me for every possible decision I made in life. Someone who didn't go to college, who dated and married several of the girls that I let go, someone who majored in psychology and not computers or was a lawyer. Someone who joined the army instead. What if there a millions and millions of me experiencing all the possibilities of what life has to offer. Then what happens if when I die, I go to heaven and it is an integration of those people who experienced every one of those different events. Who would I be in heaven if I had lived and experienced every possible outcome and decision of my life. Interesting to me! It is also makes judgement of my life interesting. Some many of our decisions are dictated by our past but what if there were millions of me who had experienced both positive and negative decisions by others that influenced me. What kind of excuse would I have, none, I would know what would have happened if all those negative influences were not there.

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