Monday, July 28, 2008

Jesse Jackson and Freudian slips

Recently Jesse Jackson claimed that he wanted to cut off Obama's nut's because he was talking down to black people. This appears to be a reference to Obama telling a black church that Black's need to start taking personal ownership of their lives.

I find that the claim to castrate Obama is exactly what Jesse has been doing to black people for 40 years. I feel that the civil rights movement has moved away from helping black people and works to keep them as victims that only the Gov't can help. That is castrating, or making impotent the individuals who are in the black community. Can the Gov't do things that help, probably but it will never truly create the society that blacks are capable of and deserve. Only black people can do that, People who continue to create victims and a victim culture for political power and financial gain are an anathema to all that they hoped to accomplish initially.

Why Jesse hates Obama

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