Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Romney, McCain and Giuliani

Florida looks like it could be pivotal. It is a huge win because it gives all it's delegate votes to the winner. So even if you have 25% of the vote you get 100% of the delegates at the convention . It's also the next major stop on the way to super Tuesday where almost half of the country's states will vote or caucus. I can't tell what is going to happen with the Republicans. If I had a choice it would go like this John McCain, Rudy, Fred T and then Mitt Romney. I might put Huckabee in front of Romney but I think that is just giving the presidency to Hillary and I suspect Mitt would make a better president then Huckabee.

In this poll McCain is in first and Mitt is second

Republican Candidate FL NY
Pollster SUSA Zogby
Date 1/20 1/19-20
John McCain 25% 24%
Rudy Giuliani 20% 21%
Mitt Romney 19% 14%
Mike Huckabee 14% 7%
Ron Paul 7% 2%
Fred Thompson 7% 7%
Other(vol.) 8% 25%

This poll is after the NV and SC primaries

Republican Candidate FL NY NY
Pollster Rass Marist SRI
Date 1/20 1/15-17 1/14-17
John McCain 20% 34% 36%
Mitt Romney 25% 19% 10%
Mike Huckabee 13% 15% 7%
Rudy Giuliani 19% 19% 24%
Ron Paul 5% 2% -
Fred Thompson 12% 6% 6%
Other(vol.) 6% 5% 17%

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