Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The 2nd coming according to Oprah

I watched the McLaughlin group and they pointed out the religious overtone of Oprah's speeches. I was shocked by the religious overtones of Oprah's speeches in Iowa and South Carolina. I don't mind talk like, I follow God or I'm trying to do what pleases God but this seems to make Barrack Obama equal to Christ. It seems to border on blasphemy.

A few Quotes I wrote down while listening to her speeches. This was very scary for me.

The Man who has a new vision for America

When you strip us down, We are American at our core, ... What we really have is an abiding faith, an abiding faith in the possibility that life can be better for every one
of us.

With our many colors, religions and languages but we have one government ... one congress ... one president ... and because we can only choose one that choice should be Barrack Obama

We do not want to reinvent the same reality we are now all experiencing but stand strong and united for the potential ... the potential with in us and the potential that lies before us.

when you do the same thing over and over you get the same results. But it is time to dream America new again by supporting Obama.

We need somebody committed to the welfare of all Americans, we need Barrack Obama, we need a new way of doing business in America,

You can not see through the political vale of other politicians. When you witness Obama, you witness a very rare thing, a politician with an ear for eloquence and a tongue dipped in the unvarnished truth.

We need a president that can proceed with moral authority. (This one surprised me, if we have anything today, we have that)

It is a dangerous imbalance when we do not realize that all human hearts are the same.

In order for humanity to evolve (and that is the reason we are on this earth) we have to learn to treasure our uniqueness and each others diversity.

These are dangerous times, you can feel it, you can sense it in the air. We need a leader who shows us how to hope again... faith again... in America as a force for

Just as Barrack Obama has seized this moment, we need to seize this opportunity to support a man that as the bible says, loves mercy and does justly... loves mercy and does justly.

none of us is God and none of us knows the future so we should seize this

Are you the one? are you the one? Well I have the answer. I'm here to tell you that he is the one, he is the one.

For the first time I'm stepping out of my pew, I've been inspired. I've been inspired. Dr King dreamed a dream but we can vote that dream into reality

A man who knows who we are and what we can be.

Each one of us has a calling to do good things on this earth
and he knows that and know us.

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