Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Adds from the Presidential Candidates

The Site above contains all the presidential Christmas adds. The fascinating thing about these adds is they sort of tell you how the campaigns are doing and what they are up to.

John Edwards.
In the add John talks about the poor and homeless. One point he makes is that 1 in 4 homeless people are Vets. hmmmm.... I would like to see source material on that. I find that hard to believe. He also says this is the season of Miracles, peace, hope (insert tired platitude). I feel like John made the mistake of wrapping up a political statement in Christmas cheer, and a very depressing political statement at that.
Ok John, you perform one of the following Miracles then I will seriously consider voting for you:
  1. Walk on Water
  2. Feed 5000 people with two fishes a small loaf of bread.
  3. Turn water into wine
  4. Carry you home state of North Carolina in the Dem Nomination

Clinton.................... .31%
Edwards................. .26%
Obama................... .24%
Different candidate. .12%
Undecided.............. . 8%

Hillary's is just silly. The Government is now Santa Claus and she is wrapping it up for you. What the hell is universal pre K???? It desperately tries to make her seem warm, human and loving and fails miserably. It feels so forced and fake. This is such a microcosm of her total campaign. Here is her campaign in a nutshell, "I'm going to make them like whether they like it or not". Hillary also made the mistake of wrapping up a set of political statements in christmas cheer, I really don't think people like that. Hi jacking christmas to promote your political career. I also think she added a bullet in the Republican attack weapon with this add. It plays directly into one of the primary arguments against liberals. They want to make the Gov't into Santa Claus.

Rudy's is kind of funny but it sort of feels like he is celebrating being mean. He always comes across as one strong and mean SOB. Even when he is being funny. His add is also a political statement wrapped in Christmas cheer. I think John, Hillary and Rudy made a mistake with that approach. Barack and Huckabee did not. They definitely win the add war this Christmas.

Baracks is very good but it always makes me nervous when people bring out their children for political purposes. however, he makes you feel warm and connected to him. It was very well done. He does have very cute kids.

Huckabee is amazing. I don't like this guy for president but he comes across so personable and warm and competent. I think his add is the best. However, once you use the word Jesus Christ, you will alienate some people. Not a great political move but I can respect someone who speaks his convictions.

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