Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Turning Lead into Gold and taking Shots at each other.

Turning Political Lead into Political Gold
I have to say I was very impressed with Mike Huckabee on Fox News with Chris Wallace this weekend. Chris Wallace brought out a lot of accusations that Mike faced as Governor of Arkansas and Mike handled himself as well, if not better, than Bill Clinton himself. When confronted by multiple accusations concerning his use of the Governorship to increase personal wealth, he give a very good explanation for each item. Here is the part that was impressive. After each explanation he explains how this is the way things are done in Arkansas and how this has given him the ability to run a very effective campaign and go the distance. It was so impressive to see someone getting beat up politically on national TV by professional journalist (politically bullies) and see him turn it into nothing but smoke and then twist it into this amazing positive about what a great person he is. This man can turn lead into political Gold. However, I don't think he has a chance at winning the nomination. He will do well in Iowa and probably not in a state as secular as New Hampshire. He is an ex-Baptist preacher. But come Super Tuesday, he is Toast. He does not have the money to do the kind of campaigning super Tuesday will require and he doesn't have the time to come up with the cash on hand. What he can do is make Rudy much more acceptable to the Christian Right as his running mate. We will see that? I think Rudy would be smart to consider it.

That brings up another important point. Super Tuesday gives many states more of a say in who is elected president and reduces the importance of Iowa and New Hampshire as one of the key decision points. that kind of thing would be good, just look at the results of John Kerry. That was a bad idea all the way around. What it also does is force the election to be more about how much money you have and less about who you are and what you are really saying day in and day out. Super Tuesday campaigning will be done on TV, not at the local eateries, state fairs, pancake breakfasts and Chili cook offs of Iowa and New Hampshire. I'm not convinced we have done ourselves a service with this Super Tuesday thing.

Taking Shots
Recently Novak claimed that Hillary was claiming that she had bad dirt on Obama but wouldn't share it because she cared too much for the Democratic party to be so ugly. So Obama charged her with getting honest with the people and share it. They also claimed that this was just like an awful Republican trick. Of course the Hillary campaign responded with the claim that anyone who has any experience would recognize the finger prints of the GOP behind this scam and would just ignore it. I love this comment, the carefully worded slam against Obama's primary weakness, experience. Of course Obama was going after her primary weakness, She is just plain evil and does as much if not more evil than the Republicans. It's fun to watch the Democrats out hypocrite themselves while vacillating between self righteous talk, wounded victim and just plain evil innuendos.

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