Monday, November 12, 2007

Rudy and Robertson, I'm speechless

I saw John McCain on the Sunday morning political talk show circuit and his response to the Rudy and Robertson announcement was "I'm speechless"

So I've watched the McLaughlin Group, Meet the Press and This week all talk about it. Everyone looked at it and predicted it would come falling apart. It was done with the worst motivation (This one is probably true). Robertson doesn't have the influence he once did (yeah, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have influence). I find all the liberal leaning lefties delightfully talking about how the Right doesn't agree with it self because they are willing to support a person that doesn't believe all the things that a powerful block of voters believe in deeply. Of course there was little talk when strongly religious black gospel singers who are very outspoken against homosexuality sing at Barack Obama events. Watching the Chris Matthews show was almost embarrassing on how little they understood or maybe wanted to admit what is driving the Rudy run for President. He is the Republicans best chance at beating her, and I think he wouldn't be all that bad. I still like McCain. He is just one tough guy!

Here is the one thing That the marriage of Robertson and Rudy says. Sure we don't all have to agree on things like abortion and Gay civil unions but the one thing we can all agree on is... NO Hillary Clinton in the white house. Rudy offers the Republicans the first real chance at turning many democratic states into Republican states. If Rudy can carry New York and most of the standard Republican states. Then he is president. If Rudy can Carry New York and several of the middle of the road states like Ohio, Michigan, PA and the Northeast then he wins in a land slide. I don't think Hillary has any chance of turning traditional Republican states into Dem states. Her negatives are just too high. Obama has a shot at it.

This is why Rudy is leading the polls and Robertson endorses him. Not because Robertson just loves Rudy, but because Pat fears a much worse fate for the country, President Hilary.

P.s. Rudy is also probably one of the most likable people in the election besides Obama. Come on, that guy is almost too likable. I watched Obama for an hour on Meet the Press. Very nice guy, very likable. However, for someone giving Hillary a hard time on not being specific, he could have given her lessons in this interview.

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