Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Drugs not Hugs

recently a girl got detention at school for giving her friends a good bye hug.

Can we say ridiculous. I realize that this is done with the best of intentions. OH MY GOD we have to protect our kids!!!!! They are being HUGGGEEEDDDDD, stop all this caring and human warmth. Someone might take advantage of all the friendliness.

Here is the deal. At some point our kids have to be put in difficult situation and develop the ability to say no for them selves. It is important that a woman or man learn to say "no, I don't want to be hugged by you" in a nice and meaningful way when the consequences are limited. At school, someone gets mad at you for a week. At work, your co-worker who later becomes your boss thinks you are a mean bitch and you never get another raise or promotion.

Yes, inappropriate PDA's should be stopped in almost all situations but can't we trust the judgement of our teachers to make the call. Why does it have to be all possible human contact. Can we just trust the judgement of our teachers to allow nice hugs to happen and when it is inappropriate or causing school disruptions when out of control, then just step in and put a stop to it. Do we really need a school system wide policy against all human contact because sometimes it becomes ridiculous or some disturbed person misuses the kindness of our youth.

One of the most important things that happens at public school over home schooled is putting our children in situations where they develop human interaction techniques and practices. They discover how to have and promote their healthy boundaries in this important social ritual. When we take away all human contact to protect them from this stuff, it's stealing vital learning opportunities that they need to make it in today's world.

This is not protecting our children, it's hurting them! Start trusting our teachers!!! Correct the situation when a teacher does not do the right thing!

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