Monday, November 12, 2007

Tolerance or Freedom, Make your choice. You can't have both.

This lady was fired after expressing an opinion about water boarding and the good people at the daily Kos went after her. I'm very disappointed to see an news agency, damn Canadians!, cave to what amounts to book burning. Where is the all the understanding and tolerance gone from our liberal friends at the Daily Kos. It always amazes me how much intolerance is justified by a cry for tolerance. Give it up, there is no such thing as tolerance!!! Fight for freedom and justice, but tolerance can not be enforced. It just makes you intolerant. Tolerance is only a personal choice, not a lifestyle to be slammed into the faces of people.

Recently I heard a senator claim that the war should end because our soldiers have become targets in Iraq. Really, we have put soldier in harms way and people are trying to kill them. Isn't that sort of the point of being a soldier. Isn't that the damn job! Has a segment of our population become so emotionally invested in our failure in Iraq that the possibility of success has driven them completely insane.

I do want to say that the left is right about one thing. A solution can not happen purely by Military means. To eventually succeed we do need the Iraq gov't to become a fully functioning gov't. Of course our gov't is barely functioning right now and that's because someone might run a negative add and hurt their chances of election. There, their family, friends, work comrades and even themselves could be killed. Iraq can never become a fully functioning gov't with out military action. Iraq will never achieve it's potential if we cut and run. It's going to take 20 or 30 years, just like it did in Germany before they are a fully functioning Gov't and society. But it is worth it. It was worth it in Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Korea and a host of other countries we have freed from oppression and set on the path of Democracy, Freedom and economic prosperity.

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