Friday, August 29, 2008

The beginnings of a bounce.

Gallup has Obama up by 9 points and the Rassmussen poll has him up by 3 points. I suspect the Rassmussen poll bump has more to do with Bill and Biden. I don't think last nights speech has effected the rassmussen poll yet. I suspect rassmussen will widen more. I wasn't impressed last night but I suspect he did what he needed to lay out his agenda for the next couple of months.

McCain now needs to lay off the attacks during the convention and focus on his agenda. Give people a reason to vote for you beyond I'm a great guy with lot of experience and Obama is bad. If McCain wants to see his poll numbers go up, not just see Obama's go down, he has to lay out a positive agenda for the next 4 years. I will say this much. His VP pick shows off his maverick side and reaches out to the female voter. I think it is a good move.

She is kind of cute also. I wonder if she has a sister somewhere!!!

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