Thursday, August 28, 2008

No bounce yet

maybe I don't know what I'm talking about but there is still no bounce yet from the DNC. According to the polls from Rasmussen and Gallup we are still locked in a virtual tie.

How does this not scare the hell out of democrats is confusing. Maybe it does and they are hiding it. Or we all are waiting for the giant speach at invesco field with the 75,000 adoring fans and the stage from Greek Mythology. I wonder if the speech he has planned there will give him his bounce or will it be another failure like his speech to the 20,000 adoring Germans. I think the problems is the election cycle this year has been way too damn long, the fighting between Hillary and he went on forever and ate up news cycle after news cycle. Any chance to reintroduce him self to people through the convention is gone. We all know him, we've seen so much said about him already. 4 days of speeches by his fellow democrats are just not going to move people much.
Time will tell.

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