Monday, August 11, 2008

War, what is it good for!!

Lets begin this blog with one basic premise. War through out the centuries has been basically about who is controlling the resources two different sets of people want to control. It could be land, water, food and religious sites or buildings. But it is fundamentally about insuring a society has and controls resources vital to it's existence. I believe this deeply. I don't think it is all that great of a thing to do, but it is what the human race has done for as long as it was capable of waging war.

Now think about who the most dangerous countries in the world are: America, China, Europe, Russia and India. Then think about what is happening with Oil. The reason oil is doing what it is doing is that the middle class in China and India are growing very quickly. What does the middle class people like to do, drive their cars, cool their houses and eat good food. That all takes tons of energy. This situation scares the hell out of me!

Are we headed to war if we don't figure out our energy issues? I think we are. We have to focus all our resources on fixing our energy dependecy or we need to be investng in a bigger army. I know which one I want.

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