Monday, August 18, 2008

McCain wins first debate

I watched the Obama side and I'm looking forward to the McCain side of the debate. I have it Tivo'd but haven't watched it yet.

It's interesting that the first debate was held during the Olympics.

Here is an article claiming MCain won the night. I've even heard that Obama's people are claiming McCain cheated by knowing the questions before hand.

This was not your usual political TV show. Warren — Pastor Rick, around here — asked big questions, about big subjects; he wasn’t concerned about what appeared on the front page of that morning’s Washington Post. And his simple, direct, big questions brought out something we don’t usually see in a presidential face-off; in this forum, as opposed to a read-the-prompter speech, or even a debate focused on the issues of the moment, the candidates were forced to call on everything they had — the things they have done and learned throughout their lives. And the fact is, John McCain has lived a much bigger life than Barack Obama. That’s not a slam at Obama; McCain has lived a much bigger life than most people. But it still made Obama look small in comparison. McCain was the clear winner of the night.

Here is why I think Obama is slime:

The contrast was striking throughout each man’s one-hour time on stage. When Warren asked Obama, “What’s the most gut-wrenching decision you’ve ever had to make?” Obama answered that opposing the war in Iraq was “as tough a decision that I’ve had to make, not only because there were political consequences but also because Saddam Hussein was a bad person and there was no doubt he meant America ill.” But Obama was a state senator in Illinois when Congress authorized the president to use force in Iraq. He didn’t have to make a decision on the war. That fact was a recurring issue in the Democratic primaries, when candidates Hillary Clinton, Joseph Biden, Christopher Dodd, and John Edwards argued that they, as senators, had to make a choice Obama didn’t have to make. And now he says it’s his toughest call.

Not to mention he was a state senator from an extremely liberal area of Chicago that was already opposed to the war. Wow that was really brave to claim to oppose a war that you couldn't effect and be on the position of most of the people you were representing.

and ...

McCain bested Obama again when Warren asked for an example of a time in which he “went against party loyalty and maybe even against your own best interest for the good of America.”“Well, I’ll give you an example that in fact I worked with John McCain on,” Obama said, “and that was the issue of campaign ethics reform and finance reform.” But it turned out that was an issue on which Obama had briefly allied with McCain and then jumped back to the Democratic mother ship, causing McCain to write Obama an angry note about the abandonment of what had been a principled position. As far as bucking your party goes, it wasn’t very big stuff.

So the one time he bucked his party was for a week to which he eventually caved and abandoned his promise to McCain. Hmmmmm.... So he has a habit of saying whatever the situation calls for and then not sticking to his promises. This sounds like his position on the war, oil drilling and everything else he has promised to win this election.

Obama did neither of these things but claims that he did and the press does nothing to hold his feet to the fire and demand a little thing I call... Accuracy! How the hell does this guy even get ratings above 40%? oh I know, the press gets wood in their pants every time he gets up and promises to be their savior.

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