Thursday, August 28, 2008

how to irritate an aethist

Dark Matter

Oh man you are going to love this one.

Or this one, My atheist Friends will hate this one

just a slip to whet your appetite. I can't stop smiling!!!

Astonishing discoveries have surfaced which point to the existence of a transcendent extra-dimensional Creator. Furthermore, numerous recent discoveries now confirm the incredible scientific and historical accuracy of the Bible, as well as the supernatural origin of its texts.
The entire Creator Series is now available in this one, self-contained CD-ROM. This CD-ROM includes all of these great studies:
The Creator Beyond Time and Space:
What are the implications of the current upheavals in traditional cosmology, astronomy, and physics? What is the significance of the recent discovery that the Universe is finite?
As scientists begin to understand the interactions of basic forces, they discover an unending series of incredible inter dependencies, delicately balanced.
As part of their recent series on the Creator Beyond Time and Space, Chuck Missler and Dr. Mark Eastman explore the recent scientific evidences revealing the Infinite Designer and a finite universe.


Philip said...

with bad spelling?

bubba said...
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bubba said...

You're right, I'm irritated. I hate it when people start off with "Oh man you are going to love this one."

mark said...

Philip, that's it. I was expecting a long description as to why this guy is so wrong. How many times have I read your blog detailing how wrong all the arguments this guy makes are. I finally find someone who actually believes all that stuff and all you have to say is "bad spelling". I'm very disapointed in you young man!!!!

Derek James said...

The best way to irritate and atheist is to put sand in his/her underwear.

This stuff makes me smile too...while also giving me that feeling that I just threw up a little in my mouth.

mark said...

I knew I could count on Derek to kick some ass!!! I thought it was so poorly thought out it would drive you two crazy!!!

Is it wrong that I enjoy that so much!!