Monday, August 25, 2008

Election Prediction

Right now and for the last couple of month the polls indicate a very slight movement toward McCain but the real issue is not those voting for McCain nor Obama. It's the 12% to 20% of voters that still haven't made up their mind. When they begin to break toward a candidate then we will know who has real chance to win. Fox News came up with a poll where they asked the question, if you had a life altering situation, who would you turn to for advice, McCain or Obama.

The results indicated good news for McCain especially among the undecided. Independent voters pick McCain by a 15-point margin (41 percent – 26 percent).

There is still plenty of time for Obama and McCain to begin moving those minds but right now McCain has a little sunshine in his camp. Not a lot but it's always nice to see the sun begin shining through the clouds.

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These undecided voters will likely determine the presidential election outcome. So what do they feel in their guts about the two candidates? The FOX News poll tried to get at that question by asking: If you had to make the “toughest decision” of your life, who would you rather get advice from — Obama or McCain?
Based on that question, there are signs that undecided voters may be more inclined to move to McCain than to Obama. The largest number of undecideds – 38 percent – would rather get advice from McCain – that’s nearly three times as many as the 13 percent that would go to Obama. The remaining say “neither” (27 percent) or are unsure (18 percent).
Furthermore, independent voters pick McCain by a 15-point margin (41 percent – 26 percent).
As one would expect, most Obama voters — 78 percent — say they would go to him for advice. Similarly, fully 83 percent of McCain voters would consider him their trusted guru on a tough life decision.

While 68 percent of Democrats would go to Obama for advice, nearly one of five – 18 percent – would pick McCain. Most Republicans (74 percent) would go to McCain, with less than one in 10 saying they would pick Obama (7 percent).
Overall, slightly more voters say they would turn to McCain in this situation (43 percent to 37 percent Obama).
In such a tight race for the White House, where both candidates have positive favorable ratings and strong support from their party faithful, there are some troubling signs for Obama from undecided voters

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