Tuesday, August 12, 2008

drawing closer to war

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Let's play "What if". What if Russia shuts down the Georgia Pipeline? Well, if we look at the map we see that Russia could easily handle all the oil coming through Baku by using the existing pipeline from Baku north into Russia where the oil is easily mixed into existing pipelines from Russia that supply Europe.It gets better. What if Russia decides to go after Azerbaijan as well. Well, well, lots of wells...oil wells that is! If Russia controlled Azerbaijan they would have a route for Irans oil to flow directly into Russia where again it could be sold to Europe or used in Russia or even piped to Chita Russia and into China through the new planned Russian and Chineese oil pipe system. Iran would gain another exit route for its oil...a route secure from the US and Israel.The plot thickens. Suppose Israel acting on behalf of the US decide to attack Iran's nuclear facilities thus spreading nuclear fallout in Iran and possibly destroying the pipelines around Tehran. How much would Russia like that? Would they sit by and let it happen, knowing that the result would bring US troops to secure Iran's oil for the US.....oil that Russia wants to secure just as much as the US?Well, alot of what ifs, but if the US and Russia continue to both play the game of "Secure the Worlds Oil", then the outcome is inevedible....WW3.


Philip said...

Dude, you're harshing my mellow.

mark said...

Ha!!! Because you are such a mellow person normally. Actually, maybe getting rid of the nightmare you had previously and moving to San Fran has mellowed you. I really freaking need to get up to visit!!