Tuesday, August 12, 2008

John Edwards is confusing me

I can't tell if John Edwards is a total idiot or a Genius. So he gets caught in recent weeks going into a hotel room with a girl and spending, I believe the evening. He denies having an affair with this woman and being the father of the baby for weeks. Then goes on TV and says he had an affair with her in 2006 but that he is not the baby's father. And says he wants a paternity test but some how the woman doesn't want one?

Now didn't we just catch you visiting her in a hotel room like 3 weeks ago and you say the affair ended 2 years ago?

And why in the world did you go on TV and admit to an affair you were claiming didn't happen. What caused this shift and why go public.

It could be to try and save his political career. I think he is an idiot if he thinks that will happen. IT could be to continue grabbing headlines to continue hurting the Obama campaign. It could be that he committed a few crimes in funnelling campaign money to her and is trying to go on the record before she goes public or someone else does and tells the real truth.

I don't understand why he is prolonging this situation by going on TV and talking about it.

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